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Personalized support...

Post by UltiBots » Sat Jul 08, 2017 1:28 pm

Hi All -

Michael Hackney, a DeltaBot community guru and author of the D300VS Build Guide has agreed to provide personalized support for builds, calibration, and great prints.

He is a top poster on this forum and IMO the most knowledgeable and accomplished DeltaBot printer. He routinely pinpoints build errors, slicer issues, and the causes of print artifacts. If you are looking to take your prints to the next level, you can easily arrange for his support by purchasing "Professional Services" from our webstore in half an hour increments.

Also, Michael hosts the very informative blog SublimeLayers. If you have benefited from his forum posts or blog entries, please consider supporting him on Patreon. Consider how much time he has helped you save and say thanks. We support Michael and hope you will also.

Thanks - Brad
Owner - UltiBots LLC
Brad - UltiBots LLC

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