PanelDue 7i information

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PanelDue 7i information

Post by garyd9 » Thu Oct 11, 2018 2:45 pm

(Posting this here because Facebook is just unreliable for anything worthwhile.)

Some of this applies to all the paneldue models.

The D300VS+ comes with a PanelDue in a separate box. Within that box you might find a 10 pin ribbon cable and a 4 pin cable. For most installations of the D300VS+, the 10 pin cable can be ignored. (It's used if you want to mount the PanelDue close to the Duet board, and want to use the SDCard slot on the paneldue.) In addition, outside of the paneldue box, there's a little hardware bag containing, as well as various screws, etc, a much longer 4 pin cable. The bag is labeled to indicate the PanelDue.

The longer 4 pin cable (from the hardware bag outside the paneldue box) is what you'll want to use if you're going to mount your paneldue at the top of the printer frame. You can run this cable up any of the tower extrusions in the big center channel. The longer cable doesn't use the keyed connectors (as the shorter paneldue cable does), so you'll have to pay attention to ensure the red wire on the cable is plugged into VCC (or 5VDC) on both ends.

The printer kit comes with a pre-printed case for the paneldue LCD. It's functional, but if you happened to order the "7i upgrade" option, there is a nicer case that you can print that's thinner, looks better (in my opinion), and can be adjusted for angle. It requires printing a few different parts from thingiverse, however:

Everything starts with this: You'll want to get Mount_Arm and Mount_Display from there.

Then, someone did a remix to make the case thinner here: This has the case front/back itself. Be sure to print this on a well calibrated machine, as the holes must line up with the holes on the paneldue 7i circuit board.

Finally, I had to merge together two brackets from the first thing to get a bracket 20mm wide and has holes compatible with M5 T-Nuts here:

You'll end up with something like the images shown (The second image shows where I routed the 4 pin cable):

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Re: PanelDue 7i information

Post by UltiBots » Mon Oct 15, 2018 7:34 am

Thanks for sharing... that mount looks great!
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Re: PanelDue 7i information

Post by wesc » Sat Oct 27, 2018 1:14 pm

The same mount works well on the bottom as well. Would be slightly better with a shorter arm though

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