Helpful RRF 1.18.1 Firmware Tips

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Helpful RRF 1.18.1 Firmware Tips

Post by mhackney » Wed May 24, 2017 7:36 am

Once you make the upgrade to RRF 1.18.1 several new features are available. Let me describe two of the more interesting ones here:

1) IMPORTANT: configuration parameters can now be saved to and loaded from the config-override.g file. M500 saves to the file (creating one if it does not exist or overwriting if it does). M501 loads the config from config-override.g Note that M501 is now near the bottom of config.g so it will always be loaded on reboot/reset.

Now, whenever you want to persist the result of an auto calibration, tweaking G31 parameters or tweaking heater model M307 parameters DO NOT EDIT config.g to change these. The config-override.g will override your changes! Instead, run M500 to persist your changes to config-override.g

2) USEFUL: RRF 1.18.1 now supports Z Baby Stepping! On the Print Status page you will see a panel for Z Baby Stepping with an up and down button. This should be used ONLY when you are printing the first layer. If the layer is too thick or not sticking, click the down (-) button. If too thin, click the up (+) button. Take note of the Current Offset. When you are done, subtract that from your G31 Z parameter to tune your Z offset. More info here: Understanding Probing and Trigger Z Height

TIP: change the Z Baby Stepping increment from 0.05mm to 0.02mm on the Settings->User Interface panel. This gives you much better control. While you are there, check the Half Z Movements box - this gives you finer control when jogging in Z. And while you are there, click the Show Sliders for Fan 1 check box so you can control the part cooling fan from the Print Status page. - Musings and Experiments on the Art and Technology of 3D Printing

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