Exotic Filament Settings Thread!

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Exotic Filament Settings Thread!

Post by Ken.S » Thu Jul 06, 2017 2:59 pm

Lots of folks have had success printing with things like PLA or PETG, but some of the more speciality filaments that contain abrasives or other additives can vary greatly from 'normal' usage of filament of that type, so I thought it'd be useful to document what's worked on the D300VS!


Nylon X from Matter Hackers
240-260c (I often used 255) with 85c bed, and Wolfbite nitro
Seems to work best at 30-60mm/s with no fans

Drying the nylon even if it came with a dessicant is a good idea as you have no idea if it actually was kept hermetically sealed the entire time.

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