Layer precision - whats important?

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Layer precision - whats important?

Post by Boris » Tue May 30, 2017 3:16 pm

Hey Ultibots users :)

I´ve done several prints on my D300VS now. Of course - as always in 3d printing - some came out great, some failed, some were OK.
My main "problem" is, that i am not always happy with my layer precision.

I´m interested in what affects layer precision and how to optimize it.

As far as i would guess:

-No mechanical play in all components
- completely even, regularly extrusion
- constant filament diameter
- no lost steps on stepper motors
- no tangled filament "pulling" up on the extruder
- dialed in settings (especially speeds, extrusion width, layer start / end points)

... something else?

Here are some pictures.

This is what i´d call good to perfect. No really visible difference from layer to layer. All layers are precisely on top of each other.

And this is what i am fighting with sometimes. Layers seem to be "shifted" a little bit or stick too far "in" or "out".

i was having these problems on my wanhao i3 for a long time until i swapped out the hotend/extruder for an e3d titan with an e3d v6 - since then i got nearly perfect layer accuracy. I don´t think thats the issue with the d300vs because it´s already an e3d v6 and the micro extruder seems to do a pretty good job.

Hoping for a good discussion on how to improve our print quality,


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