PSU may be faulty? Could my duet get fried?

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PSU may be faulty? Could my duet get fried?

Post by Ottomation » Sun Feb 11, 2018 12:55 am

I was warming up the heat bed to 40c to standby at, and heard a lil flicker and saw the overhead LED's blip/dimp a second, then I turned them brighter and saw them blip a couple more times....

Also since, Octoberish, the PSU fan is starts/stays at full blast/loud, until there is draw put on the PSU to warm it up, after that it's normal, but if it cools down again it will go back in to full blast... annoying, but useable?

I don't want to risk the rest of the electronics.
Please advise.

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Re: PSU may be faulty? Could my duet get fried?

Post by UltiBots » Sun Feb 11, 2018 9:09 pm

I would examine all terminals for secure wire connections. Also look at all wire extensions, solder joints, heater wires for damage, loose connections, etc... It is common with mechanical connections to loosen over time with thermal cycles. On higher amp connections this could cause increased resistance and load on the PSU. Verify all terminals are secure and wires/spices/joints are in good condition. Also, clean the fan blades and make sure there is no lint or other obstructions to the PSU vents.

I suspect the PSU is fine and wont cause damage to PSU. You can always issue M122 after each print to verify min/max voltages on the Duet.

Could the Duet get damaged by the PSU? Electrical components degrade over time. Components wear and a failure could cause damage to connected equipment.
Brad - UltiBots LLC

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