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Post by UltiBots » Thu Aug 03, 2017 7:58 am

Hi All - NMB Minebea has made 2 PG35L motors for UltiBots. One with an 18mm shaft and the other with a 20mm shaft. We recently transitioned to the Motor with the 20mm shaft. As a result the Micro Extruder body that has been shipping is no longer compatible.

Motors with a data label PG35L-D48-UBS7 have 18mm shafts and MATCH step 17 in the guide.
Motors with a data label PG35L-D48-UCH4A have 20mm long shafts and are not compatible with step 17 in the guide.

Kit owners with the UCH4A motor do NOT to use the "D Flat" for the set screw. Allow the set screw to bite into the round part of the shaft. This will allow you to use your printer once assembled. Or if you have proper tools, extend the "D Flat" with a grinder or file. Don't let the shaft get too hot if grinding.

We are working on a modified body for the UCH4A motor. If you have the UCH4A motor please email sales )at( ultibots dotcom for further assistance.
Brad - UltiBots LLC

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